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As the son of the famous Unifier space station commander, Eric is used to being mixed up in STAR Academy business. When a secret of his dad’s pushes a second agenda in the regular candidates selection meeting though, he has to do his best to bring a special recruit on board.

Get an exclusive sneak-peek at Eric’s life before STAR Academy and find out how the Class of 2208 came to be!



And if you’re an Elmwick Academy fan, you may have wondered what life was like for Cami’s mom and the original circle. You can get the full scoop in this prequel novella!

The Banshee Legacy

(An Elmwick Academy Prequel Novella)

I’m Carina Haynes, and I need to escape a terrible future.

The Banshee Legacy is an Elmwick Academy prequel novella, following a young banshee on a quest to decode her visions, save her friends, and come to terms with her powers. With unexpected alliances, romantic twists, and dramatic glimpses of the future, this prequel novella is perfect for fans of Elmwick Academy.


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