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Helping Writers

Because I’m passionate about storytelling and helping writers grow, I am happy to undertake beta reading and book coaching projects on PATREON.

Wondering what kind of feedback is right for you?

Have a look at the below descriptions and testimonials to find out!


Do you need quick overall feedback on your story from an avid reader’s perspective?

As a beta reader, I give you my opinions on the characters, world, pacing, and any inconsistencies that might take the reader out of the story.

You will receive a 1-2 page overall feedback or I can answer specific questions you send to me.

The beta read will not include proofreading or in-depth editorial changes.

Genres: Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance.

Visit my PATREON to book a Beta Reading slot as a one-off payment.


“Emilia is a badass! She’s professional, communicative, and falls beautifully into that middle ground of both thoughtfully critical and enormously encouraging. Her feedback reassured me that my work has a readership and my words serve a purpose! She championed my story while lending it a discerning eye, and I now consider her a crucial part of my publishing process.” – Jessa Lucas

“Emilia recently read my WIP and I’m so glad she did. She gave me unbiased, insightful feedback that helped me take my story to the next level. She was supportive and helped me root out the problems I knew were there, but hadn’t been able to put my finger on.” – Brittany

“Emilia was an invaluable help in reading through my book. I needed it finished for a deadline, but I had rewritten so much of it, I could no longer see the wood for the trees, and wasn’t sure that it was even coherent. Emilia really helped me by acting as a second pair of eyes that I could trust to understand structure and tell me if the book was actually working, something I could have only done myself with distance from the project that my deadline wouldn’t allow.” – L. C. Mawson


Are you a first-time author? Do you want to go in-depth and find out the structural and emotional dissonance issues that might be holding your manuscript back?

As a book coach, I use my own methodology to reverse plot your novel and find the elements that aren’t clicking. I go extremely in-depth into the main character and their flaws, the antagonist, the forces of internal and external conflict, and the overall emotional journey for the reader.

I will provide you with actionable feedback that will help you rewrite your first draft and root out problems that can’t be fixed with simply finding a more beautiful phrase.

The Book Coaching includes a 1h Skype session where we discuss your book and I answer any further questions you might have for me.

Genres: Teen & Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance.

Visit my PATREON to book a Book Coaching slot as a one-off payment.


“Emilia was amazing as a book coach. She gave me so much feedback, and it really helped me improve my WIP. Her feedback was broken down into topics and helped me identify my strengths as a writer and the things I need to work on. I was really nervous about receiving feedback, but she was so lovely and encouraging about it, I didn’t feel bad about my work or daunted by what needed to be changed. I would 100% recommend!!” – Erin

“Emilia went above and beyond what I expected. She provided such amazing feedback on plot holes and character arcs I didn’t see before. The Skype call was also amazing! She is so friendly and gives feedback in a way that will leave you feeling determined to make your book better.” – Julie

“Thank you to Emilia, who provided excellent developmental feedback. Emilia took my story, brought out the best in it, elevated it and made it shine. She wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and force me to look at my work objectively. The Countdown wouldn’t be what it is today without her.” – Kasia