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Yalena Russo, your STAR Academy invitation has arrived.

Unlike other teenagers across the near worlds, Yalena is happy to stay Earth-bound. But her carefully planned life gets disrupted when two mysterious strangers offer her an invite she can’t refuse.

Because of an apparently unique talent, Yalena gets pulled into a conspiracy much bigger than herself. And if the commander’s son Eric is to be trusted, the STAR Academy freshmen are the only ones who can save the heroes of another time.

That is, if they dare to break all the rules…

The STAR Academy series is a young adult science fiction adventure with intriguing mysteries and plenty of twists and turns. Join this elite, though not always agreeable, new squad as they chase the answers to dangerous questions and often get more than they bargained for in the process.

Thank the stars they have each other!

With a cast of characters to fall in love with and shocking revelations at every turn, The STAR Academy trilogy is a perfect fit for fans of Aurora Rising, Illuminae and The 100.

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I’m Cami O’Brien, and the powers flowing through my voice are turning destructive.

To gain control of them, I must enroll at Elmwick Academy—ready or not.

Elmwick Academy is home to the town’s legacies—the six types of supernatural beings who masquerade as humans. That is, until they show their teeth during class at the Academy.

And then there are the hunters—the humans trying to uncover our secrets. I’m talking about Mason Fowler, my next-door neighbor with smoldering, brandy-colored eyes, who has taken a sudden interest in me.

In a whirlwind of magical twists, I must learn to tell friend from foe, master my abilities before I lose them, and figure out how to hide my powers from Mason. Because revealing the truth could lead to war…

No wonder they call me the harbinger of death.

Newcomer is a young adult fantasy novel about a magical academy and the creatures it hides—the good, the bad and those in between. If you like complicated friendships, dark family secrets, and slow-burn romance, this story will pull you in and leave you wanting more.

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